Fay Martin Road Reconstruction Program, Richmond, NH | 2015

Fay Martin Road was a very narrow, rural, gravel surfaced roadway segment of approximately 3200 LF in Richmond that serves predominantly large acreage land owners and a religious community. Roadway width varied from 12 to 17 feet, with an average gradient of approximately 9.5 percent. Very minimal roadside drainage swales to address runoff caused repeated erosion of the road edge and reduction in travel way. Stone walls on either side of the roadway yield a Prescriptive Highway Easement of approximately 50 feet; however, the majority of the roadway had been constructed as a cut section with steep embankments on either side of the roadway. A roadway radius of approximately 150 feet located on a 12 percent gradient reduced operational speeds to less than 10 mph. The roadway presented a continuous year round struggle to the Town for maintenance.

The Town retained Quantum Construction Consultants to undertake and evaluation of the roadway, contributing drainage areas to the roadway, abutter impacts, and to develop a roadway reconstruction program that could be undertaken with Town forces in conjunction with a local contractor. Most desirable was the elimination of the hairpin turn.

QCC developed conceptual plans and a typical section that were endorsed by the Town and abutters. The majority of abutting lands required permanent easements for slopes and drainage. QCC developed the construction documents, easement plans and easement documents to assist the Town in negotiating the required easements, and for construction of the project, which was completed by the Town in 2015.