About Quantum Construction Consultants, LLC

Quantum Construction Consultants, LLC is a unique firm specializing in the bridge and roadway infrastructure needs of municipalities. Located in Concord, New Hampshire, QCC has been providing structural and civil engineering services to state, municipal, and private clients throughout New England since 1999.

In addition to bridge and roadway infrastructure design, QCC is committed to providing quality engineering services including hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, drainage design, civil support services, structural design services, site design, construction support services, environmental permitting and dam design services. QCC’s engineering and design capabilities are complemented by our construction phase services.

QCC’s uniquely cross-trained staff allows team members to develop strong working relationships with clients, subconsultants, design review agents, and permitting authorities; while delivering high quality service on a diverse array of projects simultaneously. All QCC technical staff are LPA certified and are experienced in managing projects funded by state, municipal and federal agencies including NHDOT, FEMA, and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) programs.

QCC’s corporate values guide all our projects:

  • Ethical Business Standards & Practices
  • Innovative Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Timely Deliverables
  • Quality Design and Performance
  • Win-Win Approach with Clients, Employees, Agencies

QCC’s ingenuity has earned the firm a strong reputation for pragmatic and innovative solutions for clients based on sound engineering principals – classical and emerging.

Municipal Services:

  • Bridge Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Building Design
  • Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
  • Dam Engineering
  • Drainage and Hydraulic Analyses
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Civil and Site Design
  • Planning Board Review Services
  • Construction Administration Services

QCC takes the responsibility as “keepers” of the project budget and schedule very seriously, so valued that QCC treats the cost of each of these elements of our work as the “fourth and fifth dimension” of design (time and money, respectively). We realize that in order to be truly successful, a project must work in all five dimensions.