Bridges | Pleasant Valley Road, Wolfeboro, NH | 2020

Pleasant Valley Road over Heath Brook consisted of two 8.4-foot span corrugated metal pipe (CMP) arches installed in 1960. The existing structure was listed on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) Municipal Redlist due to both pipes being heavily corroded, undermined, and in overall serious condition.  The stone headwalls were unstable and failing  due to settlement, voids from fallen stones, and heavy erosion of backfill from stormwater runoff.

The replacement bridge is a 28-foot span prestressed concrete butted deck beam superstructure founded on steel H-piles with a cast-in-place concrete cap and butterfly wingwalls. An on-site temporary detour road and bridge were constructed upstream of the crossing location to allow for signalized one-way alternating traffic during construction. Due to the project being located in designated prime wetlands, all of the surface roadway runoff in the vicinity of the bridge was channeled to a vegetated swale in the north quadrant of the bridge site.

The bridge replacement project was funded by the Town of Wolfeboro and the NHDOT Municipally-Managed Bridge Aid Program and was completed in June 2020.

David W. Ford, PE
Public Works Director
Town of Wolfeboro, NH 03894
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