Storrs Street Parking Garage Repairs, Concord, NH | 2010

Quantum Construction Consultants performed an evaluation of the existing garage and developed a rehabilitation plan for the structure as part of a general services contract with the NH Department of Administrative Services. The Storrs Street Parking Garage was in need of repairs to prolong the life of the structure and address some safety concerns.

Rehabilitation included:

  • Repair of the concrete deck
  • Replacement of drain pipes and trench drains;
  • Replacement of the expansion joints in the deck;
  • Upgrades to the electrical system;
  • Relocation of sprinkler supply lines;
  • Painting of structural steel;
  • Application of traffic membranes to the concrete parking surface and ramps;
  • Upgrades to the vehicle barrier systems;
  • Replacement of the exterior metal pan stairs