NHDOT Sand/Salt Storage, Ashland, Enfield, and Thornton, NH

Quantum Construction Consultants provided structural engineering services to assist the NH Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Public Works & Construction, with the design, bidding and construction of six new salt storage buildings for use by the NH Department of Transportation. Construction administration services included the review of structural calculations, shop drawings, and material submittals, as well as field construction observation and documentation.

In 2006, three high-arch gambrel structures designed by Advanced Storage Technology, Inc. were constructed in Ashland, Enfield, and Thornton. Similar buildings were constructed in Belmont, Franconia and Cornish in 2009. The buildings range in size from 4,800 SF to 8,000 SF and some include additional features such as side entrances and equipment storage bays in the form of attached lean-to sheds.

These storage buildings were completed in various years, depending on the location.