Great Brook Cutler Shop Dam, Antrim, NH | 2006

In this dam engineering project, Quantum Construction Consultants designed repairs for the Great Brook Cutler Shop Dam (NHDES Dam D009012), constructed in 1925, which originally consisted of a stone masonry spillway with concrete training walls and earth embankments at each abutment.

The dam is influenced by the Summer Street Bridge located immediately downstream. The dam had deteriorated over time, had significant leakage, and was in need of repair. QCC’s design of repairs consisted of an upstream concrete facing, apron, and short cutoff wall to seal the existing stone dam from leakage, and reduce seepage potential under the structure. The design also includes filter stone and riprap installed at the toe of the dam to control seepage and prevent erosion. Other improvements included masonry restoration, concrete training wall replacement, abutment cutoff walls, new spillway cap, gate and outlet pipe replacement, overtopping protection, and increased spillway capacity.