Knowles Pond Dam, Northfield, NH | 2009

In this municipal dam engineering project, Quantum Construction Consultants designed improvements to the Town of Northfield’s Knowles Pond Dam (NHDES Dam D180002) in response to a NHDES Dam Bureau Letter of Deficiency. The dam is essential to the Knowles Pond Conservation Area, which consists of 85 acres of protected land abutting the pond. The project involved the removal and replacement of an existing, badly deteriorated, corrugated metal outlet pipe. The replacement outlet structure consisted of a polyethylene pipe with a concrete cutoff wall and reconstruction of incidental stone headwalls. The embankment dam was stabilized with the reconstruction of slopes and the installation of a toe drain to address seepage concerns.

Additionally, QCC prepared a Dam Operations Plan for the Town and prepared permit applications to the NHDES Wetlands and Dam Bureaus. Other tasks included construction cost estimates and assistance in fund raising and grant applications. The project was successful in obtaining grant money for repairs.