Glencliff Hydro Dam Repair, Benton, NH | 2016

The Glencliff Hydro Dam (Dam D023003) is located in the Town of Benton, NH and serves the Glencliff Home as a source of water for a hydroelectric facility, fire protection system, and laundry facility. The existing 125-foot long dam consisted of a stone masonry spillway encased in cast-in-place concrete with concrete masonry block downstream training walls, a right earth embankment dam with a field stone masonry core wall and badly deteriorated upstream concrete training wall, and a left abutment consisting of a cast-in-place concrete intake structure. 

Quantum Construction Consultants designed repairs to the spillway that improved the hydraulic capacity of the spillway, slip-lined and redirected the existing low level outlet, and replaced the training walls. The left abutment was reconstructed downstream of the intake structure, and the existing penstock was encased in concrete to protect it. The undermined and badly deteriorated spillway apron was replaced with a new apron including toe drains. The repairs also included protection of the right upstream core wall and stabilization of sloughing embankment slopes within the impoundment and downstream of the dam. QCC prepared applications and coordinated for environmental and dam reconstruction permits from the NHDES Wetland Bureau and Dam Bureau. Repairs were completed in Fall 2016.