Cummins Pond Dam, Dorchester, NH | 2015

The Cummins Pond Dam  is an earthen dam having a maximum height of 12 feet, and an overall length of approximately 130 feet. The dam outlet works consist of a 12-foot wooden stoplog section with mortared field stone masonry training walls and an emergency overflow channel to the east of the dam. The dam had deteriorated over time and was in need of repair. Areas of concern included hydraulic capacity and stability of the wooden spillway, settlement of the embankment dam, seepage at the toe, and leakage through the masonry channel walls. 

Quantum Construction Consultants designed a new spillway with stoplogs and steel stanchions, and seepage control measures for the earthen embankment. A new wooden pedestrian bridge crossing over the top of the spillway was also constructed. Reinforced cast-in-place concrete wall facings were designed and constructed against the existing mortared field stone masonry at the spillway structure, leaving the long masonry training walls exposed to retain the historic character. A new concrete spillway apron was constructed as well.

QCC prepared applications and coordinated for environmental and dam reconstruction permits for this project. The project was completed in Fall 2015.