Winnipesaukee River Trail Project, Tilton, NH | 2015

The Winnipesaukee River Trail project consists of approximately 990 LF of unpaved multi-use recreational path along active railroad tracks. The project includes construction of stone dust surfaced path, railroad separation fencing, drainage swales and culverts, reconstruction of an existing roadway railroad crossing at Knapp Road, removal of an existing temporary pedestrian railroad crossing and other incidental work. The path connects the existing Phase II trail near Morrison Avenue to a recently constructed public park in Tilton.

Conceptual designs developed during the Engineering Study Phase included a 200-foot span prefabricated pedestrian bridge over the Winnipesaukee River. This project was reconfigured to utilize municipal sidewalks and shared use roadways to provide connectivity to the public park and continuation of the trail to Franklin, New Hampshire.

This project was funded by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) under the FHWA Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program and was facilitated through the Town of Northfield, New Hampshire. This project was completed in 2015.