Granite St Culvert Replacement Project, Northfield, NH | 2008

The Town of Northfield contracted with QCC to design a replacement culvert to help mitigate the frequent flooding of Granite Street. The existing granite block box culvert has, on numerous occasions, been subjected to runoff associated with large scale rain events, most notably the heavy rainfall periods of Mother’s Day 2006 and the nor’easter of April 15, 2007 that exceed the capacity of the culvert. The result was overtopping of the roadway, the sidewalk on the east side of Granite Street, and overland flow through the industrial property located on the west side of Granite Street.

Quantum Construction Consultants performed hydraulic analyses and specified a precast concrete box culvert that would fit the minimal profile available and pass similar flows to the restricting downstream culvert under the industrial building. The precast box culvert was installed quickly by the Town, thereby minimizing road closure time.