College Road/NH Rte 3 Intersection, Center Harbor, NH | 2015

College Road, a low volume rural road, intersected with NH Rte. 3 at an extreme shallow angle thereby creating a very large intersection panel with over 230 LF of curb cut along NH Rte. 3. The alignment of the intersection allowed high velocity vehicles to enter College Road from the northbound approach and restricted right turn movements from College Road. Additionally, the intersection panel required extensive operations by the Town for winter maintenance.

The Town of Center Harbor desired to undertake the realignment of the College Road approach to NH Rte. 3 so as to obtain a perpendicular intersection with NH Rte. 3, reduce the overall curb cut opening, and remove the majority of the paved panel in favor of a grass panel. The project was to be accomplished utilizing only Town funds.

Quantum Construction Consultants was retained by the Town to undertake evaluation of the intersection alignment, develop a realignment program, and coordinate the program with the Town and New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT). Upon approval of an accepted alignment by the Town and NHDOT, QCC prepared construction drawings and documents for competitively bidding the project. The project also included improvements to the roadway subbase and roadside drainage. The design of the project was completed and the project was bid in late fall 2014 and construction undertaken in spring 2015.