Center Harbor, NH Roadway Management Plan

The Town of Center Harbor maintains approximately 17 miles of roadway, nearly all of which are bituminous surfaced with numerous culvert crossings beneath the roadways. Throughout the municipal roadway network, the roadway surfaces are in various states of distress and deterioration. In recent years the Town has had a proactive policy of replacing ailing cross culverts with newer pipe culvert materials and is actively addressing the viability of roadside drainage swales.

The Town retained Quantum Construction Consultants to assist in developing a comprehensive road management plan that provided for short term and long term goals for the community, and which serves to provide a yearly capitalization budget for the Town to address these needs. QCC and the Town undertook a detailed on the ground inventory of the Town’s roadway assets for assessing the conditions of the facilities and to assist in developing the short term and long term goals so as to repair, upgrade and preserve the municipal assets. Currently, utilizing electronic road management software, QCC is developing the program with Town input.