Roadways | Bible Hill Road, Bennington, NH | 2014

Bible Hill Road as it parallels the Contoocook River was routinely overtopped by flood waters from minimal storm occurrences forcing closure of the roadway and isolation of some residents. The existing floodplain on the opposite side of the road would still remain at flood stage elevations after the river elevation had receded. This project entailed the removal of an existing 5-foot corrugated metal pipe and replacement with an 8-foot high x 8-foot-wide precast concrete box culvert for increased flood relief capacity for flood relief and raising approximately 465 LF of roadway above the 10-year flood elevation.

Additionally, The Town also requested the reconstruction of an additional 1000 LF of road with drainage swale improvements to control stormwater runoff on the higher elevations contributing to the floodplain area below. This project was funded by FEMA through the Hazard Mitigation Grant, and funding was matched by the Town.