Bridge Projects | Depot Street over Contoocook River | 2014

The Depot Street Bridge over the Contoocook River is the main bridge in a series of three bridges on Depot Street that pass through the floodplain of the Contoocook River. Constructed in 1946, it was a severely deteriorated steel beam structure with a cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck. The abutments were constructed of dry laid stone masonry face stones with a cast-in-place concrete cap for bearing seats. The bridge spanned approximately 70 feet, and had a narrow width of 16 feet curb-to-curb, with an approximate 20-foot overall width.

The new replacement bridge is a 95-foot span steel plate-girder superstructure with integral abutments consisting of cast-in-place concrete pile caps supported on steel H-piles. The longer span with pile foundations allowed construction without cofferdams. The bridge was widened to 28 feet curb-to-curb. This project was funded by the Towns of Antrim and Bennington and the NHDOT Municipal Bridge Aid program and was completed in spring 2014.