Roadways | Bean Hill Road, Northfield, NH | 2012

Bean Hill Road is an east-west rural roadway servicing mostly farm and residential properties east of I-93, which provides a connection to the interstate. The roadway serves as the main access route to Highland Mountain Bike Park, and was compromised in that it lacked adequate roadside drainage. The road frequently flooded, and experienced severe pavement displacement during the winter and spring freeze/thaw cycle.

Quantum Construction Consultants designed drainage improvements for the roadway that included new closed drainage systems, replacement culverts, culvert slip lining, and drainage outfall treatment measures. Roadway improvements included full-width pavement reclamation, installation of base gravel reinforcement mesh, additional crushed gravels, and new bituminous pavements. 

Due to the constricted nature of the right-of-way, the roadway improvements for superelevation elements were designed as roadway box-out construction. The was funded by the Town of Northfield and the NHDOT Municipally-Managed State Highway Aid Program, and was completed in 2012.